Purity Premium Tobacco/Pure Menthol E-Liquid
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Nicotine strength recommendation:

0.1Ω - 0.6Ω: 3mg to 6mg

0.7Ω - 1.2Ω: 3mg to 9mg

1.3Ω - 1.5Ω: 3mg to 12mg

>1.5Ω: 3mg to 16mg



Sub Zero - A swirling blast of super cool menthol freshness with an excellent throat hit. Guaranteed to freshen up your day. It also makes an excellent mixing liquid. Try it with other tobacco, chocolate, vanilla or any of the fruit flavors!


Ice Mintos - A cool and refreshing mint flavor which is great for smokers who are switching over from a heavy menthol cigarette and don't want to lose the menthol flavor.




American Tobacco - A premium USA tobacco blend offering a strong tobacco flavor with a subtle sweetness to it. This very smooth tobacco flavor offers a solid throat hit with excellent vapor production, and is perfect for those seeking an authentic traditional tobacco experience.

Classic Tobacco - Built on a light tobacco base, the premium ingredients added in this product produces a great flavor that is lightly sweet and very smooth.


Cuban Supreme - This flavor brings a strong hint of the Havana to your vape experience. Whether you keep this for special occasions or you want to enjoy the cigar sensation every day, join the revolution with our Cuban Supreme e-liquid for the perfect way to relax at the end of the day.

Green Menthol - A smooth and rich tobacco flavor with a crisp and refreshing menthol finish. A favourite amongst menthol tobacco fans.


Light Tobacco - A deep tobacco flavored e-liquid bordering the intensity of a light cigar.

Prohill - Vaguely similar to one of the most popular brands around. A smooth tobacco blend with a good throat hit. Perfect for all day vaping.


Ultimate - The best-selling tobacco flavor in the Purity line of premium e-liquid. This flavor has a very smooth tobacco flavor with a hint of chocolate. The aroma is superb, no wonder it's called the Ultimate. A flavor definitely worth trying.



Affordable, without compromising on premium quality:

Ingredients are carefully sourced & pharmaceutical-grade chemicals mean users may rest assured the product is of the highest quality & produced in an environment where hygiene is taken seriously.

*Purity E-liquid is available in a 10ml bottle size.

IMPORTANT: Purity Premium E-Liquid are supplied with:

*Manufacturing date and expiry date to determine freshness of product

*Tamper evident plastic seal to eliminate any risk of contamination

*Child-proof bottle cap to ensure that only adults can open your e-liquid   

*Long bottle tip for easy refilling of all your tank cartridges and cartomizers

*Packaging with safety warning label

*Certifications: SGS, ISO22000:2005

Ingredient List:

*USP Grade Propylene Glycol (PG)

*USP Grade vegetable glycerin (VG)

*99.9% Pure Nicotine

*Natural and Artificial Flavourings

*Distilled Water

*Citric acid as a natural preservative

NOTE: Some people may experience coughing with zero mg (no nicotine) e-liquid due to the propylene glycol. To counter this effect, simply add a few drops of mint or menthol flavor (such as sub zero or ice mintos). Mixing with some low nicotine e-liquid will also neutralize the effect.

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