Universal Tools Coil Jig [Black]
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This jig needs to be a part of every rebuilder's tool box! Build perfect coils in seconds! The handle even has a magnet in the hole to hold your pole, reducing the amount of parts to keep track of.






- Labeled diameters on caps and rods

- Included storage case

- Tensioned coil winding with ease

- Rod sizes (included) 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm.

- Includes dedicated philips head screwdriver

- Magnetic

- Very easy to use

- Perfect microcoils, every time.

- Works with wire as thick as 20 AWG


Package Contents:

1 x Base (Universal Tools)

1 x Cap for 2mm/2.5mm Coils (20 / 25)

1 x Cap for 3mm/3.5mm Coils (30 / 35)

1 x 2mm Rod (F-20)

1 x 2.5mm Rod (F-25)

1 x 3mm Rod (F-30)

1 x 3.5mm Rod (F-35)

1 x Philips Screwdriver
Packaging: Plastic Case



How to use:
1. First, snip desired length of wire
2. Choose the size rod you wish to wrap around and install it into the base
3. Feed your wire through the angled hole in the base 
4. Slide the matching cap over the pole 
5. With the cylinder in your right hand, turn it away from you while keeping slight pressure towards the base
6. Stop turning when you have reached your desired number your wraps
7. Snip the wire before the hole on the base
8. Gently pull the coil off the pole