Benefits of Reward Points for Verizor Customers

Once you register you will be able to earn reward points on all purchases, which are then redeemable for money off your next e-liquid order. These reward points are an added bonus to your shopping experience with us and just one of the ways we thank you for being a valued Verizor customer.

Simply shop in our online store to start earning Reward Points from each transaction you make!


How does the point system work?

  • Spend RM1 and earn 1 point.
  • 500 points is worth 1 bottle of e-liquid.

Example: If your total purchase is worth RM178, not only would you get Free Shipping but you would also receive 178 reward points. As long as you order any e-liquid, you will be able to utilize your reward points.


Earning Points

Earning points is totally painless and automatic during your e-cigarette shopping process!

Every time you make a purchase through Verizor, you earn Reward Points.


Viewing Your Points

Viewing your points is a simple task. Simply begin by logging into your account at the top of our site. After logging in, you will be redirected to the "My Account" page.

Click "Your Reward Points" to view your reward points earned.


Using Your Points

Using your points is just as easy as earning them!

Redeeming points works just like a coupon and is very simple to apply towards your purchase. When ready to complete your puchase, you can enter the amount of points you wish to use towards the purchase. When you click the APPLY POINTS button, it discounts the proper value of the points and discounts that amount from the purchase.

Your points can be used towards any e-liquid purchase on our store at any time. There are no restrictions on the amount of points you have, no minimum points needed to get a discount, no weird requirements like our competitors and no confusion!

Its simple, quick and it saves you a lot of money just for being a Verizor patron. Buy, Earn and Save on your next e-liquid order!


1. Before going through the Checkout process, click on the shopping cart and then click on "View Cart".


2. Click "Use Reward Points" and enter the amount of points you would like to use, let the cart calculate your discount for you, then click "Checkout". You can completely control how many points are used with every purchase.