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-A reputable supplier-

Dear Verizor team,

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise your entire team for their commendable customer service, to which I am very delighted by.
To me, I feel Verizor sets itself above the other e-cigarette suppliers due to their reliability and competitive pricing. I got accurate estimates on the arrival of my order, and I got all the items that I was looking for (which I have been trying so hard to find). And, I didn't pay as much as I would have!
Thank you Verizor, I and my fellow "vapers" hope to keep coming back to you for our vaping needs for times to come.

- M. Raz (Kuala Lumpur)


i tried to quit smoking few times, during that period, my weight going up and my mood going down... but since i start vaping e few month ago, i feel really happy, my craving for cigarette has come to zero, and i change the habit from smoking to vaping. no more smell, no more tar. now i vape with lower nicotine level, and will vape only when needed. feel really happy with it. recommended item, ego c twist for a kick start.

- A. Najid (Sarawak)

I was looking for something to help reduce or quit smoking. I tried nicotine lozenges and Chantix pills with no success then I tried a few types of electronic cigarettes but found that they did not provide the satisfaction. I bought a really cheap set online and it didn't work. I also bought a really expensive set at a mall and it was horrible. A friend recommended Verizor starter kits (I bought the Verizor RCS Phantom Starter Kit) and it turned out to be the best model to provide the same smoking sensation I had from normal tobacco cigarettes, if not better! Wish I knew about it sooner, but at least I'm happy now.

-James L. (Selangor)     -Keep it up James!


My family (especially my children) and friends tried to get me to quit smoking but I never could. They are so pleased that I finally quit after using the rcs phantom Starter Kit from Verizor. I took their advice and lowered my nicotine levels and intake every 3 weeks and I’ve stayed tobacco free for more than 6 weeks now, no cravings whatsoever.

-J.J (Penang)    -Glad to hear about your success J.J, keep going and never give up.


After smoking for 27 years I have been off tobacco cigarettes for nearly three weeks and I feel absolutely great. I no longer crave or want a cigarette and don’t stink of smoke. I didn’t understand how to use the system at first, so I called their customer service, no problems whatsoever. Now I’m enjoying vaping in my office and with my car windows up all the way on the way home from work! Thanks!!

-Bala P. (Selangor)   -Thanks for the tip Bala ;)


I have a stressful and hectic work schedule and I don't have much time to take cigarette breaks while working, and I was looking for something that could help. I showed my e-cig to my boss and he was fine with it, he's thinking of getting one too. Initially I would use my Verizor e-cigarette at work and then smoke a couple of cigarettes when I got home, but now I've completely switched and I'm feeling really happy about it. Knowing that I can reduce my nicotine levels any time I want also makes me feel more at ease.   

-Amri (Johor)


I was skeptical at first when my friend got this for me for my birthday. He’s been using it awhile, so I tried it and never looked back since then. I have a bunch of ashtrays around the house, I don’t need them anymore. Now I can watch TV at home while vaping without worrying about staining the roof, burning my carpet, or getting ash all over the place.

-Gerard P. (Sarawak)     -Glad to hear from you Gerard, you can always use your ashtrays for cleaning coil heads!


I bought the eGo-C+ during pre-launch and I am in love with it. It has given me some problems at first but I learned how to maintain it properly and it works great. The e-cigarette tastes really good! It has been a month now when I started vaping and it’s already paid for itself from the money saved buying tobacco cigarettes.

-Mohd. Azmin (Selangor)    -Glad that we saved you some cash Azmin :)


Purchased from an online seller before and I never got my item delivered. Coming from a long time vaper, I’m glad there’s a proper company out there to get my supplies from. Good products, tutorials, customer service and affordable prices are some of the reasons I recommend my friends to purchase from here. Keep up the good work.

-Darren T. (Selangor)   -Thanks for the kind words Darren


Started vaping a week ago and I tried the Ultimate and Melon e-liquid. I’m amazed that these 2 flavors are so much nicer than what I used to smoke!! Love this Purity liquid!

-Y.L. Hong (Penang)


I purchased the Verizor eGo-C+ in black – for my husband and he is happy with it. For the past 2 weeks I have not seen him light up a cigarette. Whenever he uses it near me, I don’t have to worry about second hand smoke anymore.

-Alice L. (Johor)    -Thanks for the kind words and glad to hear that your husband has finally switched, Alice 


I love the Vivi Nova..I think its the best technology I’ve seen for e-cigs. I love that you can take the system apart and tinker with it which makes maintenance easy and easy on the wallet too. It’s so simple to clean my tank and change flavors! I don’t have to buy an entire new housing which is the case with my old e-cig, and it was expensive (I was using an ego-T). Best part of all the tank provides me with enough e-liquid to vape all day. Great stuff, absolutely love it!

-Y.K Lim (Selangor)    -We love it too Y.K, thanks for the feedback



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