Sale Verizor MINI Nova (2.0ml) Tank System [2.4Ω]
  • Verizor MINI Nova (2.0ml) Tank System [2.4Ω]
  • Verizor MINI Nova (2.0ml) Tank System [2.4Ω]
  • Verizor MINI Nova (2.0ml) Tank System [2.4Ω]
  • Verizor MINI Nova (2.0ml) Tank System [2.4Ω]
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*Coil head included in the tank is 2.4Ω. Additional coil heads with different resistances are available.

ntroducing the new Verizor MINI Nova (2.0ml) Tank System - eGo Threaded

Smaller in size than its big brother, the Verizor Vivi Nova V3, this system is for those who wants the features and performance of the Verizor Vivi Nova V3 in a smaller form factor. The Verizor MINI Nova will provide you with the convenience of an all-day vape which delivers great throat hit, vapor and flavour. The tank can hold a maximum of 2.5ml of e-liquid and the introduction of screw-on replaceable coil heads easily allows you to interchange between 1.5 dual coil, 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8ohms to suit your personal preference or device type. It has a 'skirt' at the bottom to fit a Verizor/eGo battery without the need for a cone to have a complete look.

The new Verizor MINI Nova Tank System  is fully modular which allows you to disassemble all parts easily for cleaning, especially the coil heads. The Verizor MINI Nova Tank System allows for a variety of personal preferences, you can choose the resistance of the coil head, you can trim the wicks, you can use any 510 drip tip and you can also use most eGo-threaded batteries.

(Note: Compatible with eGo-threaded batteries/devices


Verizor MINI Nova Tank System Specifications:

  • Tank Capacity: 2.0 - 2.5ml
  • Tank Type: Clear Durable Non-Leaching Durable Plastic Tube with liquid capacity (ml) indicator markings.
  • Black 510 Drip Tip (Can be changed to other 510 Drip Tips of your choice)
  • Top and Bottom Metal Caps
  • Easy screw-on design coil heads
  • Coil Heads available: DUAL-COIL 1.5ohms/1.8ohms/ 2.4ohms/2.8ohms





The Verizor MINI Nova Tank System Includes:

  • 1 x Verizor MINI Nova 2.0ml Clear Tank
  • 1 x Black 510 Drip Tip

*Recommended voltage for different resistance coil heads:

  • For 1.8ohm : 3.3v - 4.0v   (Recommended for use with Verizor Batteries, Verizor eGo-C Twist, iTaste VV and Verizor V-Power)
  • For 2.4ohm : 3.3v - 4.5v   (Recommended for use with Verizor Batteries, Verizor eGo-C Twist, iTaste VV, Verizor V-Power and Verizor VV Volt)
  • For 2.8ohm : 3.3v - 5.0v   (Recommended for use with eGo-C Twist, iTaste VV and Verizor VV Volt)



How to replace your Verizor MINI Nova coil head

  1. Unscrew the top metal cap and the bottom metal cap.
  2. Gently unscrew and remove the old coil head from the central mechanism which is connected to the bottom metal cap.
  3. Gently screw the coil head onto the central mechanism. Ensure it is screwed on tight to prevent any leaking.


How to fill/refill your Verizor MINI Nova

  1. Unscrew the top metal cap from the tank (There is no need to remove the drip tip).
  2. Note: Do not pour e-liquid into the small hole on top of the coil head which is designed for air flow. Fill along the sides of the tank up to 2.0ml. Do not overfill.
  3. Screw the top metal cap back onto the tank.
  4. Tilt the Verizor MINI Nova facing downwards (drip tip facing down) for a few seconds to allow e-liquid to feed into the coil. (Verizor Tip: Perform this step when the e-liquid in your tank is running low while you're vaping)
  5. Screw the system back onto the battery (Do not overtighten) and it's ready to vape.


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