Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These include tar and carbon monoxide as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, cadmium, benzene, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic.


Many smokers are switching to Verizor Electronic Cigarettes and here is why...
1. Verizor Electronic Cigarettes (also known as E-cigs or Personal Vaporizers) are healthier, cheaper, cleaner - smoking alternatives which contain no tar, carbon monoxide and the other 4000 harmful chemicals. It imitates a tobacco cigarette and delivers nicotine to the user without smoke, combustion and smell associated with tobacco cigarettes. Many experts agree that switching to electronic cigarettes is almost as good as quitting smoking.

2. NO more worrying about second-hand smoke that affects your family and friends because Verizor e-cigarettes generate vapor rather than smoke.


3. Use your Verizor e-cig without worrying about finding a place to smoke - Since it is not flammable and does not produce smoke, use your Verizor E-Cig in bars, restaurants, cars, concert venues -- almost anywhere, as long as you ask first!


4. Embrace your friends and loved ones without feeling conscious of smelling like an ashtray. NO more matches and lighters. NO more littering ash and cigarette butts all over the place.

5. Empowering you to control your nicotine levels - You have the power to choose the amount of nicotine that enters your system, which is not possible using tobacco cigarettes.
6. Huge selection of e-liquid flavours ranging from tobacco, fruit, menthol, floral, herbal, beverage and dessert. There is something to suit every individual and every taste.

7. It's flexible - you can take one or two puffs rather than feeling you have to finish a whole cigarette.

8. Increase fitness levels and well-being. Your body will feel more energized without all the added poisons. Your lungs will have the ability to transport oxygen more efficiently, in addition to normalizing your blood pressure and circulation levels. That means walking up a flight of stairs becomes easier!
9. Symptoms like coughing, phlegm, sinus congestion return to normal.
10. Your skin begins to look healthier.
11. Regain your sense of taste and smell ... food will definitely taste better by switching!

 12. SAVE MONEY - Using a Verizor Electronic Cigarette (Personal Vaporizer) substantially cheaper than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes with savings up to 75%.

  •   -Based on current prices of cigarettes compared to the cost of using 2 replacement heating coils per month and 4 bottles of e-liquid, a pack a day smoker can realistically expect to save up to RM234/month or RM2808/year.
13. Reduction in insurance premiums since you are no longer considered a smoker. A definite bonus!
14. Feel a sense of accomplishment and feel more in control of your life.
15. Verizor remains the top choice with the latest modular technology in E-cigarettes and accessories, fine-tuned to deliver the best vaping experience. A 4-Way air circulation system provides a real sensation which means rich flavor, more vapor and excellent throat hit.

16. What's the buzz about modular technology and why do we use it in all Verizor products? It enables you to troubleshoot any problems which may occur, clean the system and check/replace old atomizers with new ones. In short, it makes removal and cleaning of the heating element (atomizer) quick and simple. All you need to replace from time to time, is the atomizer head. It's extremely practical and economical. It's the best system currently available which delivers tons of vapor, superior throat hit and great flavor.

17. No more expensive pre-filled cartridges! Verizor modular system comes with refillable tank cartridges and clearomizers. That means you can now easily try out the wide range of Purity premium flavors available here. All Verizor tank cartridges and clearomizers hold more than 2ml of e-liquid which can last the length of 40-60 cigarettes per fill.

18. All Verizor starter kits come with 2 powerful 1000 mAH multi-function lithium-ion batteries which enables more than 1000 puffs and creates a perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

  • No more getting caught with a dead battery. All Verizor batteries come with a built-in power indicator which allows you to monitor your battery level as you vape.

19. All Verizor batteries and accessories are interchangeable to allow you to try out the various systems available at our store. That means you only need one starter kit and a separate purchase of a clearomizer of your choice to try out a different system!

20. Free delivery (shipping) within Malaysia for orders over RM150.00. This means all starter kits automatically qualify for FREE SHIPPING.
21. We know how much you want to get your hands on your new Verizor e-cig. We promise you that all orders will be shipped within 24 hours.






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